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Interview with the Phoenix New Times

  I recently did an interview with Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times. The original line of questioning revolved around my feelings toward the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) and its stance on immigration and the role of local … Continue reading

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Another Moderate Bites the Dust: Jeff Flake’s Flip-Flop on Immigration

In a repeat of Arizona politics, Congressman Jeff Flake rips a page from the playbook of Senator McCain and goes from maverick moderate to right wing revivalist. It seems the pressure from his party’s extremist base turned a once independent … Continue reading

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Locked & Loaded: Gun Rights Outweighing Public Safety

Since guns don’t kill people and more guns equal safer communities, Arizona has decided it plans to be the safest state in the nation by arming as many individuals as possible. In the last year, we’ve eliminated permits for concealed … Continue reading

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