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From an Illegitimate President to a Sanctuary City Police Chief — Are Our Leaders Evil?

I sat down the other night to zoom through some of my programs on DVR and came across the Sunday morning news show, This Week with Christiane Amanpour. She ran a special program on ‘God & Government’ and the role … Continue reading

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Classrooms of Mediocrity

American schools spend an awful lot of time focusing on student deficiencies. In our zeal to leave no child behind, we concentrate our resources on those who have lower than average test scores in reading, math or science, while doing … Continue reading

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Thank you, Governor Brewer

With all the craziness that has hallmarked Arizona’s current legislative session, there’s been little cause for celebration. But yesterday evening, smiles and cheers rang through the state, and we have Governor Brewer to thank. It’s unusual for me to praise … Continue reading

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Ending the Blame Game: The Other Side of the Pension Story

Based on everything I’ve read or watched in the local news, I’ve gathered our state pension problems, specifically the problems with the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) are the result of cushy retirements… greedy fat cat cops and firefighters … Continue reading

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A Balanced Budget With a Costly Outcome

Representative Kirk Adams and other Republican legislators are touting the fact that Arizona now has a balanced budget free of gimmicks or borrowing. Accordingly, we should be proud of our legislators for doing the difficult job the federal government has … Continue reading

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Jeff Flake Defends New Position On Immigration, Says Reform Is Just Too Difficult

In today’s Arizona Republic, Representative Jeff Flake went on the defensive, saying, in effect, that he hasn’t changed his views on immigration reform but rather that politicians in D.C. have closed the door on any type of compromise. And to … Continue reading

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