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A New Prison Formula: Retribution + Rehabilitation = Reform

In Arizona we pride ourselves on being tough on crime. That’s Sheriff Joe’s motto, after all, and people in this state eat it up. From the infamous pink underwear to jailhouse tent cities, Sheriff Arpaio has made a name for … Continue reading

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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Forgive me, but today I cannot write about politics or politicians. I cannot speak about Senators blaming forest fires on illegal immigrants or a state legislature that refuses to extend unemployment benefits because of ideological beliefs that the unemployed are … Continue reading

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Tea Party Member Sends Warning to Public Safety Workers

My last blog post, “Heroes or Leeches,” stirred up a lot of emotion and lively responses from many individuals. I posted several comments, but there was one comment I did not post until today because I felt I must address … Continue reading

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Heroes or Leeches? Debating Public Safety Wages

Over the last year, I’ve listened as certain council members and other Phoenix residents have claimed wages for our public safety workers are too high. I’ve read the letters to the editor lambasting pension benefits as well as the op-ed … Continue reading

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