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Discussing Phoenix Mayoral Candidates on Sunday Square Off

Arizona Republic City Hall reporter Lynh Bui, political consultant Brian Murray and I debate the issues that matter in Phoenix’s mayoral race as well as the increasing partisanship in elections and the influence of council member Sal DiCiccio and the … Continue reading

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Parties Over

Americans are pissed off. What’s the matter with our so-called political leaders? As we sit on the sidelines and wait for Washington to find a compromise to skirt default, we see more and more evidence that voters are fed up … Continue reading

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Phoenix mayoral candidates claim, “It’s all the union’s fault!”

Pay raises during a recession. Union bosses in control. What’s going on at City Hall? According to Phoenix mayoral candidates Peggy Neely, Wes Gullett and Jennifer Wright, the unions are in control, and our city is under siege. Our cops … Continue reading

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If I disagree with the NRA, am I anti-Second Amendment?

If I decide to purchase an armload of handguns tomorrow, I can. If I decide to purchase an arsenal of AK-47’s, I can do that, too. But there’s a big difference between those two purchases, and the difference isn’t just … Continue reading

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Do we need the DREAM Act? Differentiating Between Facts & Myths

“Why didn’t those DREAM Act kids or their parents just apply for legal citizenship when they first got here?” This was a question posed in a recent Letter to the Editor and one that speaks to the many myths surrounding … Continue reading

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