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State Legislators Make the ‘Tough Choices,’ Toss Most Vulnerable Children to the Curb

From editorials to television appearances, Arizona’s Republican legislators keep touting the “tough choices” they made, the ones that balanced the budget and got our state on the “right track.” So what were some of those “tough choices?” One included increasing … Continue reading

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Behind Bars: The Real Cost of Private Prisons

According to Arizona’s former U.S. Democratic Senator Dennis DeConcini, private prisons like Corrections Corp of America are the gold standard in inmate care. His words, in a recent editorial for the Arizona Republic, paint a rosy picture of private prisons, … Continue reading

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A Vote Against Compromise is a Vote for Default

Arizona’s Congressional delegation scored a point in the debt-ceiling debate. That point was in favor of partisan politics and gridlock and against compromise and solutions. The result of this partisanship? A downgrade in our credit rating, tumbling stock prices, decimated … Continue reading

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