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Secure borders require more than a danged fence

The enforcement-only camp has gathered momentum around the idea that a fence will keep us safe from the illegal intruders that threaten to ‘”destroy our way of life.” Because this sounds like a logical solution, this country has spent billions … Continue reading

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Pressure mounts on AZ Senators Bundgaard & Pearce

On 12 News’ Sunday Square Off, I joined the roundtable to discuss Senator Russell Pearce’s recall and the third candidate, Olivia Cortes, as well as Scott Bundgaard’s ethics investigation and Arizona’s upcoming presidential primary.

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State Superintendent Huppenthal determined to keep accents out of classrooms

The state with a Governor famous for saying “we have did” now wants to clamp down on a serious English problem in our schools: accents, as in Spanish accents. In order to avoid a probable federal lawsuit for civil rights … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of the Public Union War

Robert Robb, an AZ Republic editorial writer, recently wrote an op-ed piece in favor of ending the privatization of city transportation services. That’s not exactly a shocking premise except when one considers the source, Robert Robb, a strict conservative who … Continue reading

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