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Operation Fast and Furious spins into Operation Blame Game

Fast and Furious was a conspiracy by President Obama to destroy the Second Amendment. Fast and Furious was actually the brainchild of the Bush administration, and the ATF simply continued the operation under a new name. These are two of … Continue reading

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Scorpions: NOT the breakfast of champions

Based upon everything I’ve read about Governor Jan Brewer’s book tour, I’m inclined to believe she’s had one too many scorpions for breakfast. Perhaps it’s time to inject a bit of antivenom into the poisonous remarks that have filled the … Continue reading

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How do YOU define American?

Journalists tell stories. It’s what they love. It’s what they’re paid to do. But sometimes, the journalist becomes the story and usually, it’s not a story the journalist ever wished to tell. This was how I felt after my husband … Continue reading

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A new day in Arizona politics

Tuesday was a historic election in Arizona. A political giant, a powerhouse among conservatives and a leader in the anti-immigration movement was removed from office. A mayoral candidate endorsed by the unions and openly opposed to SB1070 defeated an anti-union … Continue reading

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Politicizing the death of an officer

In today’s Arizona Republic, columnist E.J. Montini admits he politicized the death of Glendale Police Officer Bradley Jones. Why? To call out all the politicians who characterize police officers and firefighters as heroes when they die in the line of … Continue reading

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