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Want to get rid of the crazy? Then start investing in the sane.

Arizona certainly doesn’t lack for crazy ideas led by equally zany lawmakers. From politicians working to further the ‘birther’ conspiracy to legislators redefining conception to two weeks prior to ovulation, we’ve got more than enough material to keep comedians like … Continue reading

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The politics of the ‘mommy wars’ & why women need to stop buying into it

“Are you mom enough?” This was the cover headline on TIME magazine’s Mother’s Day edition. It was accompanied by a picture of a toddler standing on a chair, breastfeeding from his model-perfect mother. Shameless ploy to sell magazines? Of course … Continue reading

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Extremist language and legislators help fuel hate groups

“The illegals who come here… don’t want to be American, they want to destroy our form of government.” This was part of a speech made by State Senator Sylvia Allen at a Support Russell Pearce rally in October of last … Continue reading

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Illegal migrants aren’t the only ones to pick and choose laws

“Illegal immigrants chose to come here against our laws and proceeded to choose which laws they would follow and which they would ignore, demanding rights to which they are not entitled.” This was taken from a recent letter to the … Continue reading

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