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Unable to offer solutions, Quayle & Schweikert play up fears, cry “amnesty”

It’s thee word tea partiers use to strike fear in the hearts of fellow tea partiers… amnesty. It seems any change made to the immigration system is either backdoor amnesty or full-on amnesty, depending on which Democrat proposes the change. … Continue reading

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David vs. Goliath in ‘Two Americans’ film: Goliath still rules

Two Americans isn’t a fairy tale. Two Americans doesn’t have a happy ending. But Two Americans may be one of the most important documentaries you’ll ever see, especially if you live in Maricopa County. The Americans in this story are … Continue reading

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Let’s help Laurie Roberts “DeKook the Capitol”

Many of us have concluded that our state Capitol is filled with extremist legislators who value craziness instead of intelligence. And now it seems some of our local reporters agree. This past weekend, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts published an … Continue reading

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