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Supporting the American Dream, one dream at a time

We met a month ago at a panel discussion on immigration. Well dressed, intelligent and professional, Daniel Rodriguez seemed poised to take on the world. So when this young man, just a few years older than my stepsons, asked to … Continue reading

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Unable to offer solutions, Quayle & Schweikert play up fears, cry “amnesty”

It’s thee word tea partiers use to strike fear in the hearts of fellow tea partiers… amnesty. It seems any change made to the immigration system is either backdoor amnesty or full-on amnesty, depending on which Democrat proposes the change. … Continue reading

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Do we need the DREAM Act? Differentiating Between Facts & Myths

“Why didn’t those DREAM Act kids or their parents just apply for legal citizenship when they first got here?” This was a question posed in a recent Letter to the Editor and one that speaks to the many myths surrounding … Continue reading

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