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Give a hand to the Gang of 8

I’m less concerned about who takes credit for implementing comprehensive immigration reform than I am about ensuring it gets done. But since yesterday’s announcement by the Gang of 8, which includes Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Say what? Arizona LEADS on immigration reform

Much to the chagrin of comedians, Arizona is moving away from its embarrassing headlines on immigration extremism and embracing a S.A.N.E. approach. After more than two years of work, the Real Arizona Coalition has put together a platform for federal … Continue reading

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2013: Year of the Latino?

If this last election taught us anything, it’s that Latinos cannot be ignored. They matter. As the fastest expanding minority group in the country, they have and will continue to have an important role in this country’s elections. That means … Continue reading

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Weighing in on Arpaio, immigration & education on Sunday Square Off

I join Robert Robb of the Arizona Republic and former candidate for Phoenix mayor, Jennifer Wright, on 12 News Sunday Square Off. This week’s topics include Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s moderate immigration plan, the lack of state funding for … Continue reading

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Unable to offer solutions, Quayle & Schweikert play up fears, cry “amnesty”

It’s thee word tea partiers use to strike fear in the hearts of fellow tea partiers… amnesty. It seems any change made to the immigration system is either backdoor amnesty or full-on amnesty, depending on which Democrat proposes the change. … Continue reading

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David vs. Goliath in ‘Two Americans’ film: Goliath still rules

Two Americans isn’t a fairy tale. Two Americans doesn’t have a happy ending. But Two Americans may be one of the most important documentaries you’ll ever see, especially if you live in Maricopa County. The Americans in this story are … Continue reading

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Extremist language and legislators help fuel hate groups

“The illegals who come here… don’t want to be American, they want to destroy our form of government.” This was part of a speech made by State Senator Sylvia Allen at a Support Russell Pearce rally in October of last … Continue reading

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Illegal migrants aren’t the only ones to pick and choose laws

“Illegal immigrants chose to come here against our laws and proceeded to choose which laws they would follow and which they would ignore, demanding rights to which they are not entitled.” This was taken from a recent letter to the … Continue reading

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Arizona businesses show courage, tell Supreme Court to strike down SB1070

SB1070 was sold as a way to “do the job the federal government refused to do.” Presumably, that meant “secure the border,” a catchall phrase by Republicans that has yet to be defined as anything other than “the opposite of … Continue reading

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Russell Pearce could learn a thing or two from Senator Crandall

The District 25 senate race was shaping up to be a battle between two moderates and one extremist. Incumbent Rich Crandall, a moderate Republican known for his focus on education, was joined by another moderate, Bob Worsley, a newcomer with … Continue reading

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