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Where do we go from here?

In the wake of last week’s election, Arizona’s Republicans and Democrats are left with a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, Democrats are thrilled with the reelection of President Barack Obama but dismayed with the loss of Senate … Continue reading

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Civil discourse on immigration? Arizona takes giant step forward with AZ Accord

Less than two years ago, Arizona’s reputation was scarred by the signing of SB1070. Businesses, particularly those in the tourism industry, lost millions of dollars while the world listened to the harsh rhetoric of former State Senator Russell Pearce and … Continue reading

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Discussing politics on 3TV

I sat down with Channel 3’s Frank Camacho on his show, Politics Unplugged, to discuss civil discourse, Sheriff Arpaio and the decriminalization of marijuana. We also spoke about some of my predictions for 2012.

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A Vote Against Compromise is a Vote for Default

Arizona’s Congressional delegation scored a point in the debt-ceiling debate. That point was in favor of partisan politics and gridlock and against compromise and solutions. The result of this partisanship? A downgrade in our credit rating, tumbling stock prices, decimated … Continue reading

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From an Illegitimate President to a Sanctuary City Police Chief — Are Our Leaders Evil?

I sat down the other night to zoom through some of my programs on DVR and came across the Sunday morning news show, This Week with Christiane Amanpour. She ran a special program on ‘God & Government’ and the role … Continue reading

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