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Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Remember those WWJD – What Would Jesus Do — bracelets from the 90’s? They were a popular way for young adults to wear their beliefs on their sleeve (or wrist), and remember that one’s choices should reflect the teachings of … Continue reading

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Does “pro-life” extend beyond the womb?

The word “pro-life” has come to define a movement of individuals who believe life begins at conception and that abortion should be neither condoned nor legal. But what about life after birth? Does concern for a living, breathing individual end … Continue reading

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State Legislators Make the ‘Tough Choices,’ Toss Most Vulnerable Children to the Curb

From editorials to television appearances, Arizona’s Republican legislators keep touting the “tough choices” they made, the ones that balanced the budget and got our state on the “right track.” So what were some of those “tough choices?” One included increasing … Continue reading

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Debating Birthers, Vetoes & Debt

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to debate several issues currently in the news during a roundtable discussion with 12 News Anchor Brahm Resnik. I was joined by Republican district chairwoman Jeanette Dubreil and former Democratic district chairwoman Laura Copple. … Continue reading

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A Balanced Budget With a Costly Outcome

Representative Kirk Adams and other Republican legislators are touting the fact that Arizona now has a balanced budget free of gimmicks or borrowing. Accordingly, we should be proud of our legislators for doing the difficult job the federal government has … Continue reading

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