Charter school headmaster apologizes for political statements on Prop 204

Last week I wrote about an email blast sent to the parents of students at Veritas’ Archway Classical Academy by Headmaster Erik Twist, encouraging them to vote No on Prop 204. Arizona law prohibits public schools, which includes charter schools, from using public resources to try and influence an election.

The email was a last straw of sorts for several parents who felt the school was already teetering on the edge of overt political influence by Valley Republicans. Several parents emailed me, expressing their fear of being “outed” by the school as Democrats and what that might mean for their children. Veritas is noted for its excellent academic standards but is not a private school and should be open and accessible to people of all political persuasions.

Last week Mr. Twist sent out an apology email to the parents stating he did not realize he was violating state law and has been “admonished by the leadership at Great Hearts.” I believe the apology was heartfelt, and hopefully the mistake will serve as a guide for Mr. Twist and the Great Hearts Board to ensure the school crafts a nonpartisan approach to the culture at Veritas.

Kudos to Mr. Twist for his apology, and kudos to the parents who were brave enough to speak out.

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