Who’s afraid of Sheriff Arpaio? Not Devin Fleenor

Pardon my French, but it takes balls to take on Joe Arpaio without an army of supporters behind you.

So when a virtual unknown, a local artist, decides to self-fund a commercial attacking Sheriff Arpaio, you gotta wonder, “what was he thinking?”

He wasn’t thinking about himself, that’s for sure. Instead, he was more concerned with the 432 victims who never knew justice because Arpaio realized that immigration roundups made better T.V. than actual crime fighting.

Devin Fleenor, creator of the People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Facebook page, just released a powerful 30-second ad based on an actual police report from El Mirage, one that I wrote about in my last blog post, “Parents don’t let parents vote for Joe Arpaio.”

The ad features a teenage girl telling the haunting story of her rape and asking Sheriff Arpaio, “Why didn’t you do something?”

Fleenor is hoping the ad will go viral and eventually be picked up by the national media. It’s a lofty goal but certainly not an impossibility considering Arpaio is a nationally known figure.

I can’t help but wonder what Arpaio’s out-of-state donors would think if they saw this ad and knew about the sex crimes scandal. Would they still consider Arpaio “tough on crime?” And what about all the national Republican candidates who have clamored for his endorsement? Would they really want to be seen with a guy who let rapists and child molesters walk free? One would hope not.

Arpaio has been using his millions in campaign dollars to try and reshape his image by creating ads that show him as someone who cares about kids and puts criminals behind bars.

Fleenor’s ad flies directly in the face of Arpaio’s fluff. Voters need to see and hear it.

And they can, but it requires help. It needs a grassroots movement. It needs money.

Fleenor is asking people to give up their Starbucks or take-out dinner for a day and instead donate to the cause. If everyone who normally reads this blog gave $5 or $10, Fleenor would have enough money for a small television buy.

If everyone who reads this blog could convince 2 other people to donate, Fleenor would have enough money for a large television buy.

This is your opportunity to be part of a history-making moment. Don’t let it pass you by.



  1. kerry melcher

    It’s pretty amazing to see a citizen unaffiliated with a big political machine putting together this kind of effort. I’m impressed.

    1. Madalene

      I am very, very impressed with the ambition Devon has. So many people do not have that kind of determination or are afraid of the so called Sheriff Joe. I give Devon lots of credit. Let the world see what a liar and a fake Joe is and don’t ever stop.

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