Young, brown, and informed

It’s a combination many Republicans in this state fear, especially GOPers like Joe Arpaio who made a career out of profiling and debasing brown people. But whether or not Arpaio wins reelection tomorrow, this group of individuals will change Arizona politics for decades to come.

These young Latinos have tasted the power of political activism, and they know what they are capable of achieving. When Paul Penzone becomes Maricopa County’s next Sheriff, he will have thousands of volunteers to thank, but first on his list should be the young volunteers who worked with groups such as Promise Arizona, Adios Arpaio, and Citizens for a Better Arizona. They registered more than 35,000 new voters, collected thousands of early ballots, and gave voice to thousands of disenfranchised individuals.

Whether or not Penzone and Carmona pull off an upset tomorrow (my bet is that they will), our young Latinos will have made a significant impact in this state, which is a victory for all who believe in equality.


  1. David Heward

    Great article, Julie! Just wanted to add that not ALL of the people involved in these groups are young Latinos… as I am one of several “old white guy’s” (and gals) who worked with the Citizens for a Better Arizona campaign JOES GOT TO GO! Like you, I was very impressed with the passion and capability of these wonderful young people to get out and support their cause…. and make a real difference in this election. Like you, I hope that Arpaio is in for a BIG SURPRISE when the final votes are tallied…. and he will have no one but himself to blame for that. And congratulations to Paul Penzone for a great campaign.

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