Weighing in on Arpaio, immigration & education on Sunday Square Off

I join Robert Robb of the Arizona Republic and former candidate for Phoenix mayor, Jennifer Wright, on 12 News Sunday Square Off. This week’s topics include Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s moderate immigration plan, the lack of state funding for education, and the end of the criminal investigation of Sheriff Arpaio.



  1. Greg Jones

    I agree with your comments on the plan discussed by the panel. I think is unfortunate though that this proposal has been miscast here as “the Montgomery Plan”. Bill Montgomery deserves great credit for helping develop this plan and having the courage to take the leadership on this issue. It is my understanding, however, that the comprehensive immigration proposal discussed was the result of several conferences and meetings consisting of a large group of concerned business advocates and community leaders. It is important that this not be simplistically referenced in the media as the plan of a single politician or even of moderates in the Republican party.. That fiction would be unfair to those who jointly worked to craft this compromise reform proposal and, more importantly, would serve to weaken the effort, which must be bi-partisan, with broad-based support from diverse groups in the community.

    1. Post
      Julie Erfle

      Greg, you are correct. This process took place over the course of a couple of years and with input from many organizations. I’m not sure why it’s been termed “The Montgomery Plan” but speculate it has more to do with courting conservative groups that have strong opposition to any type of immigration reform. Bill Montgomery has close ties with the Tea Party, and if anyone can convince them to consider an approach that focuses on other problems beyond enforcement, it’s Montgomery. That being said, I agree that this needs to be a bipartisan approach (with a bipartisan name) and have a few strong Dems standing alongside Montgomery. I believe that will happen, and we will hear much more about this in the coming weeks.

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