Fed up with Congress? Then elect a moderate.

We keep hearing about Congress’ lowest ever approval ratings. We keep hearing about Americans sick and tired of a government that refuses to compromise and get things done. If that’s really the case and if Arizonans feel the same way, then they need to elect individuals who aren’t afraid of bucking their party and working across the aisle. I believe we have a chance, right here in Arizona, to elect someone who is independent enough to do just that.

Richard Carmona was a registered Independent for most of his life, worked as Surgeon General under a Republican president, and was once loved by both sides of the aisle for his heroic background and independent views. Now that he’s a registered Democrat, Republicans are trying to vilify him and cast him as a puppet for President Obama.

But the alternative is Jeff Flake, someone who has been a part of our dysfunctional Congress for over a decade and votes almost exclusively down party lines. Though he once touted bipartisanship on the issue of immigration reform, he now rejects the tamest of reforms, including the DREAM Act.

So do we want solutions or more gridlock? If it’s solutions, then we need to put our votes where our mouths are and elect a moderate. We need Richard Carmona.


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      1. Gary Walsh

        No Ex- Green Beret will be a lap dog for anyone. He is an Independent and one who would work across lines just like we did in the Military! Flake will not cross lines.

  1. Heidi Singer

    I would never be able to vote to send a Republican to the house or Senate after seeing how they locked arms to block anything President Obama wanted to get done. It illustrates very clearly that we need a greater variety of voices speaking for all the people.

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