How many flips does one man get?

I’ve often thought voters are too harsh when condemning a politician’s flip on an issue. After all, don’t we want leaders who are humble enough to realize they may not always have enough information to take an educated stance on a subject?

The problem, though, occurs when a candidate flips not on one or even two major issues but pretty much every issue. This is the case with Mitt Romney. As demonstrated in the video below, he takes a very liberal stance on social issues such as abortion, immigration and healthcare while running for office in the very liberal state of Massachusetts. But he now takes a very conservative stand while campaigning for the nomination of a very conservative Republican party.

The flips seem too calculated, too deliberate to simply write off as a change of heart based on further information. It’s one thing to realize someone else or some other party has a better tax reform plan but quite another to embrace a woman’s right to choose then suddenly condemn it.

Some flip-flops are just too flippant.

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