Arpaio solves birther controversy, sets posse loose on Loch Ness Monster

The world stands with bated breath, anxiously awaiting the results of Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation into the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate. Or at least that’s what Mr. Arpaio would like to believe.

For the vast majority of Americans, this issue was put to rest a long time ago, but for the tea party extremists, this issue will never be put to rest until Arizona’s tough talking tea party politician, Mr. Arpaio, weighs in.

And while many will casually dismiss this latest press conference as just another act in Arpaio’s three-ring circus show, others will ask the tough questions, such as why precious resources were used to stage an event that has nothing to do with Maricopa County or the job of the Sheriff.

No doubt, Mr. Arpaio will counter by saying the posse is an all-volunteer force; therefore, taxpayer dollars were not used in the “investigation.” But that’s not really accurate. Taxpayer dollars have been wasted and continue to be wasted every time Arpaio uses his staff to stage a press conference. He’s staging these events on company time and with the taxpayer’s dime.

Instead of wasting the posse’s time tracking down a birth certificate that’s already been made available online, Arpaio could have used his “Cold Case Posse” to help track down leads on actual cold cases, like unsolved murders. Or maybe he could have used them to help with the sexual assault cases in El Mirage or the more than 30,000 outstanding warrants in Maricopa County.

There are many, many things Arpaio’s posse could have done to help tackle real crime in Maricopa County. But clearly, crime isn’t at the top of Arpaio’s priority list. Self-inflating press conferences seem much more important.

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