Wolves in sheep’s clothing

CrossRemember those WWJD – What Would Jesus Do — bracelets from the 90’s? They were a popular way for young adults to wear their beliefs on their sleeve (or wrist), and remember that one’s choices should reflect the teachings of Jesus.

Our Republican legislators and Governor Ducey are quick to wear their religion on their lips, but do they wear it in their hearts? Do the bills they’ve passed and the budget they crammed through in the middle of the night follow the WWJD motto?


I generally don’t quote the Bible when explaining my political philosophies, but for those that do, they should be called out when their talk doesn’t match their walk.

Growing up in a very strict Catholic household, I spent a huge portion of my life in church listening to sermons and taking religious education classes. I don’t ever recall hearing Jesus described as a champion of the rich who sought to drive out those lazy, poor slobs mooching off the government. Instead, what stuck with me was Jesus’ devotion to the poor, the outcasts and the children.

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” – Matthew 19:24

Tell me, Arizona legislators, would Jesus approve of cutting funding for the working poor, funding that affords them “luxuries” like toilet paper and toothpaste all so you can pass yet another corporate tax cut?

Tell me, Governor Ducey, would Jesus be in favor of limiting access for basic healthcare needs for the most vulnerable among us? Would He be in favor of giving wealthy kids a free education at private schools while continuing to underfund and neglect the schools that serve the rest of our students?

Of course we know that Jesus would definitely be in favor of those gun rights bills. As Rep. Barton said, carrying a concealed weapon is a “God-given right.” It ranks right up there with “thou shall not steal.” Unless, of course, you’re stealing from the poor. Or students.

As I watch Republicans congratulate themselves for balancing the budget on the backs of children and the poor, of choosing prisons over education, of representing the “moral majority” at the Capitol and doing more of what got us into our fiscal crisis in the first place – namely, decades of tax cuts for corporations and wealthy individuals – I can’t help but remember the Biblical teaching of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

One doesn’t need to look far for the false prophets among us. They can be found in abundance at 1700 West Washington.


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