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Arizona’s winning formula: Prisons instead of education

We all know it’s better to invest in prisons than in education, right? I mean, why not throw millions at a declining prison population instead of spending it in the classroom? Last week, buried among the headlines of the Republican … Continue reading

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Veterans told they don’t have enough “skin in the game” to deserve minimum tuition exemption

College athletes have earned their way into college, but veterans have not. Those aren’t my words but rather the sentiment of House Republicans such as John Kavanagh who refused to give military vets an exemption to the minimum tuition bill … Continue reading

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AZ legislators reforming education through censorship, guns, poor nutrition, and fewer college graduates

Arizona’s legislators have certainly made education reform a top priority at the Capitol. Unfortunately, their “fixes” do more harm than good. Let’s start with Senator Ron Gould’s guns on campus bill. Here’s a classic example of a legislator determined to … Continue reading

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Republican lawmakers determined to make higher education unattainable for low income Arizonans

Fundamental to American life is the idea that if one works hard, studies hard, he/she can overcome a life of poverty and realize the American Dream. But these days, the American Dream is virtually impossible without a college degree, and … Continue reading

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Just because it’s a charter school doesn’t mean it’s a better school

For the last decade, many Arizonans have come to believe “charter” is synonymous with “better.” Our public education system has consistently ranked among the worst in the nation, while media reports have highlighted some successful Arizona charter schools bucking the … Continue reading

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2012 holds the promise of unexpected surprises

In 2012, we should “expect the unexpected.” How do I know that? Well, according to numerologists, 2012 is a number five year (this is based on the sum total of the numbers: 2+0+1+2=5). And the only thing one can predict … Continue reading

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Making Cents of School Unification and Consolidation

There’s a lot of talk these days about school reform. President Obama has addressed it in his Race to the Top initiative, challenging states to find creative ways to turn around failing schools and advance top-notch teachers. Hollywood has addressed … Continue reading

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State Superintendent Huppenthal determined to keep accents out of classrooms

The state with a Governor famous for saying “we have did” now wants to clamp down on a serious English problem in our schools: accents, as in Spanish accents. In order to avoid a probable federal lawsuit for civil rights … Continue reading

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Must We Sue Our Way to a Better Education System?

That’s the question many are asking and some groups are proposing in order to force the state of Arizona to meet the needs of its students. We now have possible lawsuits against the state to try and force repairs for … Continue reading

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Classrooms of Mediocrity

American schools spend an awful lot of time focusing on student deficiencies. In our zeal to leave no child behind, we concentrate our resources on those who have lower than average test scores in reading, math or science, while doing … Continue reading

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