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If I disagree with the NRA, am I anti-Second Amendment?

If I decide to purchase an armload of handguns tomorrow, I can. If I decide to purchase an arsenal of AK-47’s, I can do that, too. But there’s a big difference between those two purchases, and the difference isn’t just … Continue reading

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Do we need the DREAM Act? Differentiating Between Facts & Myths

“Why didn’t those DREAM Act kids or their parents just apply for legal citizenship when they first got here?” This was a question posed in a recent Letter to the Editor and one that speaks to the many myths surrounding … Continue reading

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Babeu Makes Valid Point: Speaks of Safety on Both Sides of Border

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu has staked his political career on winning the battle against illegal immigration. Unfortunately, he’s used fictional tales, exaggerations and inaccurate statistics to make his case. But this week the sheriff took a new approach in … Continue reading

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