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The Hypocrisy of the Public Union War

Robert Robb, an AZ Republic editorial writer, recently wrote an op-ed piece in favor of ending the privatization of city transportation services. That’s not exactly a shocking premise except when one considers the source, Robert Robb, a strict conservative who … Continue reading

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Heroes or Leeches? Debating Public Safety Wages

Over the last year, I’ve listened as certain council members and other Phoenix residents have claimed wages for our public safety workers are too high. I’ve read the letters to the editor lambasting pension benefits as well as the op-ed … Continue reading

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Thank you, Governor Brewer

With all the craziness that has hallmarked Arizona’s current legislative session, there’s been little cause for celebration. But yesterday evening, smiles and cheers rang through the state, and we have Governor Brewer to thank. It’s unusual for me to praise … Continue reading

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Ending the Blame Game: The Other Side of the Pension Story

Based on everything I’ve read or watched in the local news, I’ve gathered our state pension problems, specifically the problems with the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) are the result of cushy retirements… greedy fat cat cops and firefighters … Continue reading

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