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Colorado shooting initiates questions, but are we afraid of the answers?

Beyond the delusional thinking of politicians such as Russell Pearce, the man who questioned why no one was courageous enough to take down the gunman in the Aurora theatre, there are real questions about what, if anything, our government could … Continue reading

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State Senator Ron Gould determined to let students pack heat

Though university administrators, student leaders, professors, and other stakeholders have made it known they do not want guns on campus, state Senator Ron Gould and company have made it known they intend to overrule them anyway. Why? Well according to … Continue reading

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Operation Fast and Furious spins into Operation Blame Game

Fast and Furious was a conspiracy by President Obama to destroy the Second Amendment. Fast and Furious was actually the brainchild of the Bush administration, and the ATF simply continued the operation under a new name. These are two of … Continue reading

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If I disagree with the NRA, am I anti-Second Amendment?

If I decide to purchase an armload of handguns tomorrow, I can. If I decide to purchase an arsenal of AK-47’s, I can do that, too. But there’s a big difference between those two purchases, and the difference isn’t just … Continue reading

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Locked & Loaded: Gun Rights Outweighing Public Safety

Since guns don’t kill people and more guns equal safer communities, Arizona has decided it plans to be the safest state in the nation by arming as many individuals as possible. In the last year, we’ve eliminated permits for concealed … Continue reading

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