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‘Show Me Your Genitals’ bill more glamorous than crimes against kids

“While the legislature’s leadership ignores efforts to target pimps who sell children for sex, Kavanagh is worried about bathroom etiquette.” This was a quote on my Facebook page from retired Mesa police officer Bill Richardson after I expressed my dismay … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of Sheriff Arpaio? Not Devin Fleenor

Pardon my French, but it takes balls to take on Joe Arpaio without an army of supporters behind you. So when a virtual unknown, a local artist, decides to self-fund a commercial attacking Sheriff Arpaio, you gotta wonder, “what was … Continue reading

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Parents don’t let parents vote for Joe Arpaio

She was walking home from a friend’s house that night with another teenager, a boy who lived in her neighborhood. She was 14; he was 16. The two were acquaintances and had been at the friend’s house with several other … Continue reading

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Time to go, Joe

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” may soon be getting a new title, “America’s Most Disgraced Sheriff.” That’s a more fitting title for a man who allowed rapists and child molesters to roam free while hundreds of young girls and mothers lived in … Continue reading

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