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From gun buybacks to gay rights, City of Phoenix making headlines

On this week’s Sunday Square Off, host Brahm Resnik asks, “Who’s school safety plan is better? Mayor Stanton’s or Sheriff Arpaio’s?”   In the race for Arizona’s Attorney General, will Terry Goddard challenge Felecia Rotellini in the Democratic primary? Will anyone in the Republican party challenge Tom Horne?   LGBT Ordinance… good or bad for …

Weighing in on Arpaio, immigration & education on Sunday Square Off

I join Robert Robb of the Arizona Republic and former candidate for Phoenix mayor, Jennifer Wright, on 12 News Sunday Square Off. This week’s topics include Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s moderate immigration plan, the lack of state funding for education, and the end of the criminal investigation of Sheriff Arpaio.  

Politicians in trouble: Discussing Horne, Arpaio & Patterson on Sunday Square Off

Corruption is the topic of the day on this week’s 12 News Sunday Square Off. Two political heavyweights, Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, are the subject of investigations, while fellow Democrats push for state legislator Daniel Patterson’s removal from office.