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A new day in Arizona politics

Tuesday was a historic election in Arizona. A political giant, a powerhouse among conservatives and a leader in the anti-immigration movement was removed from office. A mayoral candidate endorsed by the unions and openly opposed to SB1070 defeated an anti-union … Continue reading

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Politicizing the death of an officer

In today’s Arizona Republic, columnist E.J. Montini admits he politicized the death of Glendale Police Officer Bradley Jones. Why? To call out all the politicians who characterize police officers and firefighters as heroes when they die in the line of … Continue reading

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The Hypocrisy of the Public Union War

Robert Robb, an AZ Republic editorial writer, recently wrote an op-ed piece in favor of ending the privatization of city transportation services. That’s not exactly a shocking premise except when one considers the source, Robert Robb, a strict conservative who … Continue reading

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Phoenix mayoral candidates claim, “It’s all the union’s fault!”

Pay raises during a recession. Union bosses in control. What’s going on at City Hall? According to Phoenix mayoral candidates Peggy Neely, Wes Gullett and Jennifer Wright, the unions are in control, and our city is under siege. Our cops … Continue reading

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